LAYANA Badminton Game-2012-04

Most people understand the importance of physical activity, " keeping fit" will help people healthier with stronger body.
Nice weather and place
LAYANA mascat " Jiang Jiang"
Player rest area
LAYANA-Badminton-Game-11 LAYANA-Badminton-Game-5 LAYANA-Badminton-Game-6 LAYANA-Badminton-Game-9 Wou !
Fight !! LAYANA-Badminton-Game-8 LAYANA-Badminton-Game-10 LAYANA-Badminton-Game-7 LAYANA-Badminton-Game-4
Player focus on games
LAYANA-Badminton-Game-12  LAYANA-Badminton-Game-13  LAYANA-Badminton-Game-14
After 3 rounds of match, we have the winner, the second place and the third place