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19th May, Layana Stamping went to LanYu(Orchid Island) for incentive tour, 5 and half hours by car and 2 and half hours by ferryboat, it was very far way.

about LanYu(Orchid Island) in wikipedia

The winner of Layana Stamping Photo Competition in LanYu(Orchid Island) as below:

  No.1 : Mike Lai   No.1 : Ricky Chen



  No.2 : Shih Ming Jie   No.3 : Angela Tsai
  layana-cutlery-incentive-tour   layana-cutlery-incentive-tour

  No.3 : Danny Chen   No.3 : Chris Chen
  layana-cutlery-incentive-tour   Twaiwan-Chopsticks-in-Orchid-island2