2012 Layana TTQS銀牌獎 Taiwan Train Quality System
2012 Obtained TTQS Silver Medal from Council of Labor Affairs

In order to enhance the quality of Enterprises and Training Institutions, a “ TTQS training quality assessment system 2012” has been organized by the Council of Labor Affairs Bureau of Vocational Training, in which Layana has been awarded a silver medal.

Over the past, Layana emphasize strongly on employee training program to achieve our cooperate philosophy of “Creating VALUE through unwavering quality control”. To ensure that our training system abides to the TTQS spirit and standard, we have applied to the Council of Labor Affairs Bureau of Vocational Training for this particular evaluation.

TTQS is the abbreviation for Taiwan Train Quality System. Every year, VTC(Vocational Training Council) undertakes to evaluate the training systems base on five main categories: Plan, Design, Implementation, Check and Outcome Assessment. A score is given out to the individual applicants on the effectiveness and performance of their training program.

Layana is proud to announce that we have been successfully awarded with a silver medal on our first application for this training system assessment. Not only is it a recognition of Layana’s training capabilities; it also provides a cornerstone for our services to customers, which all comes back to our Company Motto: There is no BEST, only BETTER”.