Insert Molded / Injection Molding Automotive Sensor

LAYANA Plastics has been in the insert molding business since 1982. We are familiar with many types of stamping and plating (including gold, palladium and tin).

Layana Molded Plastics can provide a variety of injection molding processes that allow us to create custom parts for various uses. The project shown here, an electrical sensor used for an automotive application, was created using insert injection molding. The sensor, made of PTFE is part of a safety system and required a high level of quality control, not only for the safety features but for final assembly as well. Utilizing our 85 ton vertical injection molding machine, the sensor housing was formed with terminals and an overmolded magnet. We provided 100% part inspections which included continuity and hi-pot testing, as well as terminal location tests. For more information on this custom insert injection molded project see the table below contact us to discuss your next project.Click Here to view a clip of this part in production.