Annual Presentation (via Six Sigma Techniques) for Problem Solving

Techniques & Tools
Six Sigma is a set of techniques and tools for process improvement. A six sigma process is one in which 99.99966% of the products manufactured are statistically expected to be free of defects (3.4 defective parts/million). In general speaking, may companies may think that Six Sigma is just other quality theory and hard to archive the goal, but up to today, it is used in many industrial sectors, and very successful, such as Motorola and General Electric.
3.4ppm by 6 Sigma

In Today’s publication, I call tell from the selected venue and the prepared snack for the break to know how important of the Six Sigma is to the company. However, after the publication, I still couldn’t understand how the route work to archive free of defects(3.4ppm) by 6 Sigma.

Follow ISO/TS

Obviously that all presenters followed the DMAIC method to complete their projects, but, just like one of the customer commented after presentation”6 sigma is just one of the improvement tool”, it’s unnecessary to use only one tool for all improvements. In my personal opinion,as long as you are fully response to your job , pay attention to each process, follow ISO/TS flow, not only 6 sigma can be used as the tool, but also QCC and 5S as the continually improvement ; otherwise, use 6 sigma and make the presentation is formality.