Annual Presentation (via Six Sigma Techniques) for Problem Solving

“continual improvement”
When I think about Six Sigma training, the first thing that kicked into my mind was: Is it even going to be necessary for an Internet Designer like me? I used to deal my job with experience, instinct, and courage, but I realized that I have to do more to make the 21st century customers satisfied. Six Sigma training concentrates on educating a group of problem-solving engineers. Under MBBs(Master Black Belts) and BBs instructions, green belts are capable of making a better decision. Hence, Six Sigma program implants a “continual improvement” culture into LAYANA.

Manipulating Six Sigma methods is an appropriate circumstance can highly improve productivity. Combining this idea of “continual improvement” with the strategic planning of LAYANA, both individuals and LAYANA teams are able to create a better value for all. Here is my Summary for Six Sigma event:

(I) Quantify Current Situation

Welcome to the 21st century, in other words, the world of never stopping. Whether our past experience is useful or not, future is too unpredictable and pure guessing will not get us to anywhere. Therefore, LAYANA has to rely on statistical figures to confirm current situation: take account of numerical data, minimize subjective judgments, and eliminate vague concepts. Six Sigma program is a measurable standard and a checkable variance, which can be jointed with many other quality engineering tools to make unpredictable events predictable. Ranging from the smallest product (or even service) to projects in a LAYANA department, Six Sigma project can be S.M.A.R.T. (Specific/Measurable/Attainable/Results-oriented/Time bound).

(II) Follow Closely to the Goals

Sometimes it’s hard for me to set goals, but Six Sigma training helps me on this. Using the structure of Six Sigma, I know “what to do” and “how to do” in different phases. Based on customers’ expectation, LAYANA has to loop reasonable goals with assigned people so that goals are closely followed by management.

(III) Looping the right person and merging Six Sigma to LAYANA culture

Every defect/problem occurs in a hidden corner of LAYANA. It sounds scary, but unfortunately it is the truth. To accomplish a Six Sigma project, we have to find a precise moment to revaluate current situation. To make “Zero DPPM” is not just a slogan of LAYANA, it is rooted in every individual in LAYANA. To be active and try to initiate a project, to observe the real problem and be realistic, JDI (Just Do It) and many other causes are the culture of LAYANA. We strive for continual improvement in every hidden corner.

(IV) Be realistic

To be realistic, is to be productive. Productivity management may actually satisfy customers’ need. LAYANA, as a team, carry out “5S” in every corner in LAYANA. As we gain our experience, we amend the working environment to a much sophisticated atmosphere. Improving steps of my own tasks from time to time and establish detailed SOPs stabilize the process and govern the Quality of LAYANA. For instance, many accidents and casualties happened as a result of breaking traffic rules. LAYANA has to be realistic when building new SOPs, then LAYANA colleagues have to follow closely to the SOP process.

Six Sigma management

The ultimate goal of Six Sigma management is to achieve customer satisfaction. Every department in LAYANA is working on this vital goal. LAYANA has many segments and hundreds of production plans, and LAYANA has to be more united and communicative. I think we have progressed a lot, yet Six Sigma culture will help us to pursue a higher dream. I will keep applying Six Sigma methods to my work and be productivity. A better analysis skill and a problem-solving ability will lead to a better outcome. I also want to focus on “Accomplish my tasks while exceeding customers’ expectation”. Six Sigma has been accompanying LAYANA for years, we shall never stop learning. I hope the idea of making every department to learn Six Sigma can expand the idea of Quality to every man in LAYANA. Six Sigma enforcement will make LAYANA more competitive.