Annual Presentation (via Six Sigma Techniques) for Problem Solving

Applying Six Sigma
It is my pleasure to participate the Six Sigma Presentation. At beginning, Penny introduce the DMAIC to everyone and clarify the definition of D(Define), M(Measure), A(Analyze), I(Improve), C(Control), and Six Sigma. Penny also reported to everyone that Layana company starts the Six Sigma from year 2013 and the benefits & improvement by applying Six Sigma. It also showed how important to apply the Six Sigma by her presentation.

The first presenter is Samuel and the project is “Low down the defective rate of stamping metal parts”. The reason for taking this subject is because there are always a lot of deviation of stamping process. Those deviations will bring many troubles for company and to make improvement is just fit the Six Sigma. Samuel used many related data from everyday working and it rich the project and made everyone knows the difference between before and after. For MX70-1, the production & sale Q’TY is increasing every year from year 20008. Till year 2004, the sale Q’TY is almost 1 million.

Investigate and analyze this item, the biggest portion of defects are belong to scrap, and defective raw material。Therefore, Samuel suggested to establish a SOP to control the quality and make up for quality of material. For preventing the scrap, it can increase extra sheet to control the scrap. Also, need to update the relative PFMEA. Samuel said, the goal of Six Sigma is that every working stage need to think more for next working stage, and also need to use the view of buyer to treat the quality. By doing that, the quality can be kept well.

Six Sigma Project

The second presenter is Shujuan, the project is “Building up the SOP of accounting affairs”. She used DMAIC to improve ERP system and make correlation of each mode for transiting the information of each mode. The method can make strict control in ERP system and allow user to related data correctly, more simplify and efficient. By doing color management to speed up the operations. Hence, by using periodically audit to control abnormal and also establish the SOP for operations.

The third one is Chongxian, the project is “Improve the deflection of chopstick. Chongxian mentioned how to use the measuring and related instrument more efficiently. To collect the data during the process of measurement to establish a data base. Then, by using this data to request the sub-contractor for good quality. The data also recorded many problems(bad surface of tooling, injection holes are not efficient, etc.) during whole process to analyze and find out the reason of problem to improve. Meanwhile, to find out the best parameter form data to request sub-contractor for good production and supply the good product as per our regulation. Hence, to decrease the defective rate. The data also can be documented for QC using to make sure the quality.

The forth presenter is Chris and the project is “Increasing the yield of insert molding for printing process”. After used the WhyWhy analysis that can find out the possible factor to affect the quality of terminal to update the condition sheet. It also establish the checking list into the control plan to request plater to control the quality by establishing SOP.

The fifth presenter is Grace and the project is “Increasing the dealing rate of new customer”. Grace mentioned about “The main reason to develop new customer is for future and we need to have vision of it, not only to see the temporal result”. I thought this phrase did make sense, and point out “It is everywhere that you can improve and that is the reason to improve constantly”.

The final one is Tsungen and the project is“Low down the defective rate of window clipt”. The report was established by collecting the data from sub-contractor. It also included heat treatment and plate. After so many try error and constantly improvement to reach the final result. The report also used many data to clarify to make everyone know the testing condition and results after improvement.

Six Sigma is “commitment to excellence, constantly progress”.

At final comments, professor Fu said, different profession of each occupation makes the gap. There are still possibility to improve at PPT and briefing. It would be much better if presenter used concise and easy way to brief. The technology at now is a team conception and not just fighting alone. Therefore, everyone needs to work with each other and transform the profession to the core technique of company to show the value. Professor Zuang said, the image is better than chart, the chart is better than sheet, the sheet is better than words. He also pointed out the PPT could be better. Professor Chen said, Six Sigma is a scientific & systematic method. You may find out the problem and offer the solution. Professor Chen also comment one by one and mentioned about that everyone need to keep following the project after this presentation. He mentioned that to use the method of scientific & systematic method can definitely help company forward. Professor Liao said, need to have improvement while naming the project and he also comments for the Six Sigma is “commitment to excellence, constantly progress”.