Annual Presentation (via Six Sigma Techniques) for Problem Solving

SOP, Forms, Process flow
Congratulations to these six presenters who devote their time and effort to accomplish six sigma projects. Through a series of revises this year, every project shows its own distinguished style, and most important of all, presenters overcome their fears, standing on the stage presenting perfectly and successfully.Regarding to the content in projects, “Measurement” is considered the most important point.
Most judges, especially our customer, evaluate scores by this. That is, statistics and pictures make project a story. With story, presenters can get audience‘s attention easily, then applause comes along after that absolutely.
This is our culture

To accomplish a project requires team work, not only from a department but cross-departments. In addition, the outcome of projects, such as SOP, forms, and process flow, must be archived in our database, establishing a norm for everyone to follow. This is our culture that we are proud of, and is the difference between LAYANA and our competitors.

Although this Six Sigma Presentation is perfectly ended, there are still some pities left. The venue where we hold the event this year is not that ideal, though our team work hard to make it better.


In conclusion, I think we all have to keep improving to make ourselves better and to achieve the goal. Everyone in LAYANA team must have the concept of “5S-“Shitsuke” in mind. If we hold the same spirit, then there will be no issues between cross- departments at all