Our Assembly Cores

  • We run the business on the essence of the "People-oriented" Principle.
  • We guarantee to customers for every product made from LAYANA.
  • We continue to invest in the core business for long-term strategic development.

Our Goals

  • Customer Satisfactory
  • Efficiency & Profitability
  • Employees Benefits
  • Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
  • Environmental Friendly


Our Symbol

Our symbol depicts a “Star” encompassed with “Five Circles”, a unique symbol of LAYANA Company. The star presents LAYANA’s core value with capabilities in undertaking comprehensive challenges and striving to serve the Five Major Continents of the world.




Suitable people for perfection, our systemize manpower development program is thorough and comprehensive. External and Internal Human Resources Trainers are engaged. Training is provided regularly for all levels of employees. We intend to be the leading provider of press stamping / plastic insert molding components for precision works and automotive/electronic products.

LAYANA is a uniquely flexible entity with vertically integrated business coordination, offering products and services that vary from major OEM, ODM supply contracts to small consultancy packages in areas such as prototype engineering and development processes should be"from concept to manufacture". We have a broad portfolio of technologies and resources and we continue to invest in developing Eco-friendly products with hi-efficiency to serve the demands of our clients all over the world.



LAYANA Environmental Policy


Compliance Laws

All production activities comply with regulatory requirements and we are committed to promoting green supply chains and green products.


Environmental Protection

Determined to save energy resources, industrial waste reduction, and pollution prevention to reduce the impact on the environment.


Resource Optimization

Strengthen employee educational training, promote continuous improvement of operations, and create sustainable development of enterprises.