Community Events

  • 08/31
    Fundraising Dinner for Polio Elderly Care

    Layana's founder Layard Lai and his wife donated NT$100,000 to support the POLIO HOME.

  • 05/04
    Let's Run! The 2023 Lukang Marathon Road Race.

    Since Layana moved to the new factory in Changhua Lukang Town, Changbin Industrial Zone in 2018, "Lukang" has become our home. We have been actively participating in local events to encourage our colleagues to view our working area from a leisurely and healthy perspective, and to gain a better understanding of Lukang's local culture and customs.


    Starting from 2021, Layana participates in the annual ZEPRO RUN Lukang Marathon, which takes place in the spring season. We encourage every colleague to bravely participate in the 5km, 10km, or 21km events and run through Lukang. As achieving net-zero carbon emissions by 2050 has become a global goal, "Let's Run!" is also an ESG-compliant green and low-carbon movement.


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    This year, 59 colleagues participated in the event, including 17 who registered for the 21km half-marathon. Everyone successfully completed the race within the designated time, and ITeam's section chief Li Yuren, and Quality Assurance's Yang Qiaoyu each won eighth place in their age group.

    In addition, to encourage colleagues with a BMI exceeding the standard, we encouraged cross-department participation to fully demonstrate the marathon's spirit of unity and perseverance, and enhance the team's cohesiveness.


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    Layana's Welfare Committee prepared a hearty breakfast and energy drinks to replenish our colleagues after the race.


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    We also wish all Layana colleagues good health and success in meeting their performance goals!

  • 03/09
    Challenging the "Main Peak of Taiwan's Jade Mountain"

    The outpost of climbing Mount Yu - (Xitou)




    Layana has been established for more than 40 years and values the health of every company employee.


    In 2016, Layana launched the "Climbing the Hundred Mountains of Taiwan - Yushan Main Peak" for the first time, and jointly formed a team to cultivate exercise habits. In addition to hiking, Layana also participates in the LuKan Marathon regularly every year to help employees enhance their physical strength and help reduce the occurrence of diseases. Colleagues with a BMI greater than the normal target are encouraged to actively practice their health goals. Layana will continue to provide a supportive environment and multiple health promotion activities to help employees improve their quality of life and maintain a balance between physical and mental health and work life.




    In 2023, the fourth ladder was officially launched and has already accumulated 31 members.

    For those who have decided to climb Mount Yu for the first time, the "First Hundred Mountains Dream" will be fulfilled, and the maximum number of 12 members per ladder (including the alpine guide) will be maintained. The total trail distance is about 22 kilometers, and the altitude ranges from 2,610 meters to 3,952 meters, with an altitude difference of 1,342 meters. In order for first-time climbers to successfully complete the main summit of Mount Yu, they must have knowledge of climbing safety and physical training before setting out.



    Preparation before climbing


    I. Mountaineering equipment check

    II. Physical training

        ●  Xitoutai Mountain: The best training ground for muscular endurance and weightlifting.

        ●  (North Peak of Mt. Hehuan) To increase cardiorespiratory endurance, it is necessary to acclimate to high altitudes above 3,000 meters and avoid altitude sickness (which may cause symptoms such 

    as nausea, vomiting, and headaches).

    Ⅲ. Alpine guide will give a briefing on climbing

         ●  Get to know the 100 mountains in Taiwan (classification/season/travel conditions.
         ●  Introduction to the geography of the main peak of Mount.

    IV. Application for admission to the website.



    We encourage our employees to challenge themselves. Therefore, before climbing Mount, employees must receive physical training at an altitude of 3,000 meters or more and on intermediate level.

    On the last day of the holiday, we encourage our employees and their families to go to the Xitou Forest Trail to enjoy the forest phendomin and to warm up before the main peak of Mt. Let your body learn to live with nature, test your muscular endurance training with breathing and rhythm of hands and feet, traverse through the dense forest, and feel the fresh air and pleasant scenery in front of you.

















    The "Bird Watching Trail" is located in the Xitou Nature Education Park, with a total length of about 2 kilometers and more than 2,800 steps, making it the most challenging trail in the park. At any time, we can see squirrels, birds and Taiwan macaques interacting with each other in the park, experiencing the wildness and shock of nature. After 3 hours of effort, we finally arrived at the end of Xitou - the Observatory (1800M above sea level) and successfully completed the hiking training.   Layana will continue to implement the management philosophy of "Challenge the Difficulties" and create a diversified and inclusive environment so that employees can enjoy working to create benefits for the organization and share the fruits of success with the company's growth.




    Thanks to Layana for promoting the main peak hiking activity of Mount Yu, which makes people understand their physical condition more, care about their health, and break through my view of mountains, it's really a great activity!


    - CHEN,MING-SHI, Layana Company - Digital Branding Department



    In line with the company's arranged employee hiking day activity, it allowed me to step out of the office and improve my physical fitness, relieve stress, relax my mind, and maintain a happy mood. It also promoted good communication between departments, so there are many benefits!


    - GUO,MING-HONG, Layana Company - Materials Department


  • 02/08
    Stand With Maxima

    "The land gives us everything, and that is why we take care of it." ー Máxima

  • 09/02
    Sponsor the Local Sport Team

    We sponsor the school team to be more focused on their training.

  • 12/27
    Listen before you sing

    It was a free movie day for school-aged children.

  • 01/25
    Promote the Awareness of Protecting the Datan Algal Reef

    Evoke support to save the unique reef that benefits Taiwan's entire marine ecosystem.

  • 12/05
    Fundraising Event for Philippine Typhoons

    We fundraised a public event to help the recovery after the natural disasters that happened in the Philippines.

  • 04/02
    Save the Philippine Community from Food Insecurity
    Some areas in the Philippines were suffering from food insecurity instead of the Covid–19 pandemic.
  • 11/29
    We Are Honored with the Changhua Happy Enterprise

     A three-star award received from the local government.