Glass Dial Series-Optical Inspection Sorting Machine

Glass Dial Series-Optical Inspection Sorting Machine ccd ccd

Glass Dial Series-Optical Inspection Sorting Machine

CCD light inspection machine utilizes the transmission characteristics of glass, and installs detection lens at the bottom, making sure the appearance and sizes of metal stamping components or plastic injection parts are in spec. The machine is also equipped with high standard anti-error system, such as abnormal automatic shutdown alarm, automatic confirmation of test items, automatic shutdown at specific number, continuous abnormalities (such as 30 consecutive NG) automatic shutdown, and so on. During the execution of component inspection, LAYANA still keeps on finding ways to improve the inspection methods, in an attempt to achieve the most accurate inspection results.

● 360° Full Inspection
● 1 to 10 cameras can be additionally installed according to the
  inspection item
● Range: Ø3 mm ~ Ø25 mm
● Accuracy (Pixel) : ±1
● Speed : max. 1,000 pcs/min
● Applicable Products:
 Basic appearance and dimension inspection for nuts, electronic  screws, car repair pieces, or plastics parts.


Qicon Light inspection machine lens mostly uses aperture from 1.4 to 16. Is there any method to enlarge the difference between the bright and dark side?

To check the bright and dark side, the replacement lens can be used. LAYANA experienced this issue before. NG products were mistaken as good products because of the light problem. Therefore in April 2015, after discussing with the CCD manufacturers, we decided to change the lens to coaxial light to solve this problem, and the result showed apparent improvement after the change. Note: The original lens LAYANA used was ring light. It can easily misjudge the surface-defective products as good ones.


Qicon How can slightly distorted parts be sorted out?

Regarding the slightly distorted parts, we currently use CCD to take pictures and conduct quality evaluation. The disadvantage is that results can be easily affected by the picture quality. To improve this situation, LAYANA added a height gauge at the feeding spot of the conveyor (same concept of manual GO/NOGO inspection). If the height is in spec, the part will pass through the gauge and be sent directly to the CCD sorting area; if the height is out of spec, the part will not pass the gauge. This is how distorted parts are sorted out through CCD machine.

Industrial Applications for Optical Inspection

表面瑕疵  Surface flaws Surface flaws


輪裂 Cracked Cracked

內外徑檢測 Inside and outside   高度 height
Inside and outside   heigh



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