Volvo Safety Management Audit

  • Volvo Cars are one of the most well-known and respected premium car brands.
  • Volvo Safety Management Audit(SMA) tool is used to evaluate suppliers who produce safety components.
  • According to Volvo special requirements, Layana has hosted on-site QMS and SMA audit every year since 2017.
  • Suppliers of safety-critical components or assemblies must-have safety system requirements embedded in their quality management system. Suppliers must be able to demonstrate they have the organization, systems, processes, and competencies to manage the Volvo Group requirements related to safety-critical features. 

  • Volvo Group has developed and uses a technical audit to evaluate the Safety Management Systems of suppliers of a safety part or parts. This audit evaluates the presence of an adequate management system and the capabilities to properly manage safety parts throughout the production process. 

  • A supplier that has a safety part without a critical characteristic will be required to complete a Short Safety Management Audit.

  • A supplier who is supplying a part that has been identified as a safety part and contains a critical characteristic will be required to participate in the Safety Management Audit (SMA). The SMA will be conducted during the sourcing process and potential suppliers are required to achieve a passing score prior to the award of business.

  • The target score for SMA is a minimum of 90%. Suppliers that achieve a passing score, above 60%, but below 90% will be associated documentation such as Process FMEA, control plans and work instructions.



Capability requirements for parts identified with [KCC], characteristics are described below:

  • CPK≥1.67
  • Process appropriate checking frequency
  • On-going Statistical Process Control (SPC)
  • Ppk analysis every 6 months