Safety Management System × Employee Training

Lecturer:Gloria Liao (Assistant Manager -Sales Dept.)

Safety Management System × Employee Training IATF16949

IATF 16949 was released in 2016, and LAYANA has successfully got IATF 16949 certification at the end of 2017.
Requirements for product safety are located in clause
The organization shall have documented processes for the management of the product-safety related products.

We provides OEM products to our customers worldwide, building tools per customer’s design and producing high quality custom-made parts in automotive industry, such as sensors, electronic throttle controls, air intake valves and EV power module.

To enhance the safety and reliability of auto parts, auto parts supply chain manufacturers who implement functional safety standards must strengthen the management of operating procedures, from raw material, management system, R&D and manufacturing processes, product inspection and storage management, to maintenance of equipment.
Through process and data management, not only the safety of automotive safety parts could be exactly controlled, but potential risk assessment could be carried out.
This is a change from quality perspective to safety perspective.

This training helps all members to be more aware of the processes and information of “safety management”, and helps LAYANA understand which aspects should be paid more attention to and take active assessment during R&D process, even helps us to win further business opportunities in the field of automotive components in the future.

It is best to avoid any unnecessary risks and to act so that to deliver safe products that keep our consumers protected.

Safety first!! Think Safe, Work Safe, Be Safe.

Safety Management System × Employee Training

Safety Management System × Employee Training

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