LAYANA specializes in the stamping of tight-tolerance, close-pitch, high-precision, and light-gauge metal components. In providing precision metal stampings, we maintain a robust internal tooling capability to assure all of our progressive stamping tools exceed customer requirements. For progressive tooling design, we employ top-of-the-line CAD packages.

Our facility has surface grinding, programmable CNC centers, sinker EDM, and wire cutting EDM technologies, in-house to support our precision metal stamping operations. Our stamping operations utilize leading precision metal stamping presses with sizes ranging from 5 tons - 200 tons. Materials used in the precision metal stamping process include Beryllium Copper, Phosphorous Bronze, Stainless Steel & Copper, and Cold Rolled Steel with thickness ranging from 0.002" to 0.180". As a result, LAYANA has the capability to provide metal stamping services and products for a wide variety of industries. In addition to metal stamping, we have integrated a number of complementary precision metal forming and metal joining processes such as in-die welding and in-die tapping and riveting into the stamping operations to reduce costs in certain applications.



Precision Metal Stamping Services


Our operations support a wide array of precision metal stamping services for a wide variety of industries. These metal stamping services include:


  • Automotive parts stamping
  • Precision metal stamping for medical
  • Precision metal stamping for mobile devices
  • Stamped and drawn shields for industrial and electronics industries
  • Bandolier metal stamping
  • Bandolier wire metal stamping
  • Header pins metal stamping
  • Contact pins metal stamping
  • Terminals metal stamping
  • Sleeved terminals metal stamping
  • Reel to reel metal stamping
  • Precision metal stamping
  • Precision miniature metal stamping
  • High-speed metal stamping
  • Micro metal stamping
  • Stainless steel metal stamping
  • Precision metal stamping services can be completed using a variety of metals. 

Precision Metal Stamping Materials


Precision metal stamping services can be completed using a variety of metals. A few of these include:


  • Aluminum
  • Beryllium
  • Brass
  • Bronze
  • Cold Rolled Steel
  • Copper
  • Mylar
  • Phenolic
  • Stainless Steel
  • Teflon
  • Titanium and more!​
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