Insert Molding

What Is Insert Molding?

Insert molding is a process of bonding metal parts with a thermoplastic resin to create a final component. The process calls for inserting the metal parts into a mold before the resin injection molding process. Insert molding is frequently used to manufacture electrical and sensor components. As two material types are involved, special technical and quality problems must be addressed.



Product Material

  • Plastic Parts: PPS, PPA, PBT, PET, PC, POM, Nylon, Derlin, Acrylic, etc.
  • Special Material: Peek


Insert Molding Machines - Auto/Automotive/Automobile Supplier

Description (Injection Production and Tooling)

1. Vertical Injection Machines

2. Horizontal Injection Machines

3. Robots for Injection Molding Machine

4. Spot Welding Machine

5. Automatic Robot Arm

6. Chevalier Surface Grinding Machine 300x600mm

7. Surface Grinding Machine 150x250mm

8. Grinding Machine

9. Drill Press

10. Milling Machine

11. Lathe Machine

12. Seibu CNC Wire Cutting Machine (800x650x300mm / 800kg)

13. Drilling EDM

14. EDM Machine

15. Air compressor

16. Laser Engraving

17. Bench Grinder

18. Tapping Machine



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