Micro Stamping

What Is Microstamping?

Microstamping, also called micro forming, refers to using forming equipment to produce micro parts and micro-featured macro parts. Microstamping utilizes a variety of processes such as micro punching, micro bending, and micro drawing. The characteristic specifications of microstamping parts typically include:


  • Part size: 10mm or less
  • Part features size: several μm~ hundreds of μm
  • Precision: ±1~ 10μm



Why Is Microstamping Important?

As advanced technology products are increasingly bestowed with high functionality, their parts need to be dimensionally precise, small-sized, lightweight, and with tight tolerance.  Micro-parts are increasingly used in the automotive, medical, optical, and power electronics industries. The demand for microstamping increases with the miniaturization trend in those industries.



Layana’s Experience

Layana’s R&D team has several decades of metal stamping technology experience. Our stamping capability covers material size below 10mm and accuracy of ± 0.03mm.


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  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Electronics
  • Medical
  • Optical
  • Power Electronics
  • Other fields



Aluminum Micro Punching
Beryllium Micro Forming
Brass Micro Bending
Bronze Micro Deep Drawing
Cold Rolled Steel  
Stainless Steel  
Titanium and more!  




Product Categories

High-End Micro Stamping Provides Smart Sourcing Options.