Fine Blanking

What Is Fine Blanking?

Surface defects such as edge collapse, fracture, and burr are normally noticeable on the wall surface created by the traditional stamping process. Fine blanking is a specialized process that combines cold extrusion with stamping. With specialized tooling and methods, fine blanking is used to economically create smooth wall surfaces without those defects created by the stamping process. Also, the flatness of the top surface can be maintained or enhanced with compressing forces of the die and plate. In general, relatively high dimensional precision can be achieved without additional trimming operations. Because of its quality and cost-effectiveness, fine blanking is widely used to make parts in electronics, motorcycles, and automobiles.




Fine Blanking is widely applied in making parts for solar, medical, aerospace, telecommunications, and electronic equipment and cooling modules.

  • Solar
  • Medical
  • Aerospace
  • Telecommunications
  • Electronic equipment
  • Cooling modules


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