QCC ( Quality Control Circle )QCサークルの実現







  1. 現場の改善維持し、コスト減らし、企業の競争力を高める。
  2. 全員参加を通して、自己啓発、お互いに啓発する。各チームのレベルを高めて、より強いチームを作る。

 aawarded silver tower prize



QC サークルに関する教育訓練





No. 19_QCC:

“Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.” is one of eight quotes in Layana. Since 2013, our employees solve the difficulties by recording problems during daily work and improving them with an innovative way to reduce as many costs as possible and to raise work efficiency.

Besides, this year, Layana has implemented a goal system which is called Objectives and Key Results (OKR), allowing all the departments connected to make sure the outcomes are towards the target in 2020: achieve three hundred million new Taiwanese dollars revenue. We encourage employees to only do key actions to have productive output.


Quality circle control



No. 18_QCC:

To make everyone have the ability to solve problems and practice one of the company’s eight work priorities ‘‘improve the problem actively’’ LAYANA has continued to hold QCC events annually since 2013. ‘‘We want to be better than better.’’ is the work philosophy of LAYANA and consistent review and improvement is the motivation to make LAYANA continue improvement. There are more talents trained for the company by QCC event as a basis for implementing improvements.


Each department has fully exerted the team spirit and made many brilliant proposals through the continuous publication and communication process to implement LAYANA's "TQM Total Quality Management", reduce the "seven wastes" and achieve the goal of increasing efficiency and profit.




No. 17_QCC: Quality centered! We strive to bring mutual benefits to LAYANA by focusing on ”Efficiency” and ”Profit”. Till now, there are 17 QCC public presentations in total.

Quality centered! We strive to bring mutual benefits to LAYANA by focusing on ”Efficiency” and ”Profit”. Till now, there are 17 QCC public presentations in total.
”Being proactive to solve problems” is one of our eight working principles. We found solutions for problems arising in daily work. We focus on quality, with a positive discussion on efficiency, 7 wastes, safety, and the environment. Also, our working principles are put into practice!
”Better than better.” The interaction among colleagues and the spirit of teamwork are enhanced when we are making improvements, under LAYANA company culture, All Staff Total Quality Management.




No. 16_QCC: Improving practices impel everyone in LAYANA to build up excellent problem-solving skills.

LAYANA has been holding QCC campaigns regularly since August 2013. By these QCC campaign activities, continuous quality improvement practices impel everyone in LAYANA to build up excellent problem-solving skills. It was the first time for LAYANA to hold QCC campaigns at our Lukang new HQ. This QCC campaign included ten circles, all of these LAYANA employees demonstrated their hardworking attitude and spirits in this process. With this, we can assure our customers with great confidence that our products and services are definitely trustworthy. "We want to be better than better." This working philosophy makes improvements possible and probable.




No. 15_QCC: Time and quality always is the key performance indicators when doing anything!

The Quality Control Circle is a continuous active program since 2013. LAYANA implements lots of education and training to improve the overall quality and enhance employees’ abilities. We are all trained to become problem solvers.
Time and quality always are the key performance indicators when doing anything! Each work, the past has given us the method and wisdom we have today, follow the steps, and through constantly repeated practice to get started as soon as possible to increase working efficiency.
「We want to be better than better.」This working philosophy makes improvements possible and probable.