• ISO 14064-1 Certificated


  • Renewed IATF 16949 Certification
  • Obtained the Green Factory
  • Obtained the Cleaner Production


  • Received the Carbon Footprint Label


  • Renewed IATF 16949 Certification
  • Acquired ISO 50001 Certification
  • Acquired Green Buliding Certification


  • Layana moved into its new headquarters
  • Expanded into EV Industry
  • Became One of the Suppliers for Tesla  


  • ISO 14001 Certificated


  • Obtained TTQS Silver Medal from Council of Labor Affairs


  • New Site Expanded in Kunshan, China


  • Expanded to Off-road Truck & Aerospace Industry


  • ISO9001 Certified to Flatware Series


  • ISO/TS 16949:2002 Certified


  • Held 1st Six Sigma Project Presentation in Public


  • Started ISO/TS 16949:2002 training


  • ISO/QS9000:1998 Certified
  • Developed Plastic Injection Techniques


  • Expanded to Automotive Industry


  • Expanded to Electronics Industry


  • ISO9001 Certified


  • ISO9002 Certified


  • Purchased Cutlery Production Line


  • Renamed to LAYANA Company


  • Developed Progressive Die Production Lines


  • Evolved Tooling Design Capability


  • Established the Stamping Dies Factory



Early Operations


In the year of 1982, the founder armed with only a small seed capital of NTD$ 200,000 and a vision, the founder embarked on a journey to start a business in a humble warehouse, utilizing his own garage at his home.



The First Expansion

In 1990, the new factory, spanning 1800m2 across three levels was completed. A year later, the manufacturing and sales of stainless-steel cutlery began in various countries across Europe and America, including the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Australia, and the United States.



Created A Reusable Cutlery Brand

In 2002, Layana Cutlery was established and designed based on the cultural heritage of the Orient, including chopsticks and Western cutlery - forks, knives and spoons.


To promote the importance of using reusable cutlery instead of disposable cutlery, Layana was able to use existing techniques - stamping and plastic injection to produce different series of cutlery - portable chopsticks, child cutlery set, etc.


dsc 9580

Investment In China

In 2010, Layana opened offices in Kunshan, Suzhou and Guangzhou respectively. Layana also formed a joint venture with a local mold and stamping factory in Suzhou in order to integrate the local supply chain. 


dsc 1730

Acquired ISO14001 Environmental Management System

To achieve better environmental management, obtaining ISO 14001 certification was one of Layana's top priorities in business planning. Layana achieved the certification in 2016.


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Successions in Family Business

Starting in 2017, the second generation took over the responsibilities of running the business, and aimed at integrating its existing technology and engineering capabilities, providing customers with customized automatic production and inspection equipment.


As a one-stop service company for multiple processes, mold design, production, and inspection for assembled, stamped, and injected parts shall all be completed in the same factory.


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The New Era 

With continued growth, Layana moved into its new headquarters in September 2018, covering a total floor area of 12,630m2. The building's colors represent five elements of the earth: the sun, blue sky, clouds, plants, and soil. It was designed with environmental friendliness and energy conservation in mind. Meanwhile, Layana also became one of Tesla's suppliers and entered into the EV industry.


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Moving Towards the Vision

In 2019, Layana not only renewed the IATF 16949 Certification but  obtained Green Building - Gold Level and ISO 50001 Energy Management System, merging the rules into the company culture.


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Obtained the Green Factory

Layana, in 2022, achieved recognition as one of the world's first green factories under the Green Factory Certification System. This certification is only attainable by successfully meeting the requirements of the Green Building and Clean Production Assessment System.


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Obtained ISO 14064-1 certification

In 2024, Layana obtained ISO 14064 Greenhouse Gases certification early in the year, measuring the organization's carbon emissions, with the ultimate goal of reducing and eliminating GHG emissions.



Today, LAYANA is fully committed to implementing a comprehensive human resource development plan. We offer internal and external professional training to our staff, and regularly provide educational courses to ensure that our human resources are always up-to-date with the latest knowledge and skills. Our core expertise lies in metal stamping and insert molding, with a product range that spans from automotive components to electronic devices.


With our exceptional ability for vertical integration and business coordination, we offer fully customized products and services that cover every stage of the production process, from prototype design to final assembly. We possess an extensive array of cutting-edge technology and resources, and we remain dedicated to investing in the development of innovative and sustainable green energy solutions that meet the needs of our global customers. 





Green Factory Certified Vendors-LAYANACertificate of Green Factory Label

certificate of cleaner production assessment layanaCertificate of Cleaner Production Assessment





gb 201908 Green Building – Gold Level



IATF 16949

Automotive Quality Management System

iso50001ISO 50001

Energy Management System

gb 201908

ISO 14064-1

GHG Emissions/Removals



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