In today's competitive business landscape, ensuring the highest quality of products and services is paramount. One tool that has revolutionized the quest for quality improvement is the Quality Control Circle (QCC). Originating in Japan, QCC has grown into a global phenomenon, offering organizations a structured approach to enhance quality and achieve excellence. This article delves deep into the world of QCC, exploring its origins, definitions, methodologies, steps, benefits, and extensive applications.



The Origins of QCC

Quality Control Circles, often abbreviated as QCC, owe their origins to Japan's dynamic manufacturing sector in the 1960s. Faced with fierce competition, Japanese companies sought innovative ways to elevate production efficiency and product quality. In this milieu, the concept of QCC emerged. Some of Japan's industrial giants, including Toyota, played pivotal roles in introducing and promoting QCC as an effective strategy for enhancing quality.



What is QCC?

QCC is a team-based quality improvement methodology founded on the principle of harnessing the creative potential and expertise of internal team members. The core idea is to achieve consistent and gradual enhancements in product and process quality. Within the QCC framework, employees are empowered to take an active role in addressing quality issues, fostering an environment that encourages collaboration and innovation.

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The Methodology of Using QCC

The heart of the QCC methodology lies in the formation of small, cross-functional teams comprising members from diverse departments and functions. This diversity ensures the exchange of a wide array of perspectives and professional knowledge. The team embarks on a journey by first identifying a quality issue that requires improvement. Subsequently, through brainstorming and extensive discussions, the team collaboratively devises solutions. These solutions are then implemented with continuous monitoring to ensure their feasibility and effectiveness.



Steps in Implementing QCC

The implementation of QCC can be elucidated through a series of key steps:

  1. Identify the Issue: The QCC team pinpoints a quality issue, typically associated with a product or process.
  2. Gather Data: Pertinent data is meticulously collected and analyzed to grasp the nature and implications of the problem.
  3. Develop Solutions: The team generates multiple solutions and chooses the most suitable one to rectify the issue.
  4. Implement Improvements: The chosen solution is set into motion, and the team diligently tracks its progress.
  5. Evaluate Results: An assessment is conducted to gauge the effectiveness of the improvements and determine if they align with the expected outcomes.
  6. Share Experiences: Knowledge and methodologies garnered from the improvements are disseminated among other teams, propelling organizational learning and fostering a culture of continuous improvement.



The Benefits of QCC

Quality Control Circles offer a plethora of benefits, including:

  • Quality Enhancement: QCC, through continuous improvement, augments the quality of products and processes, leading to heightened customer satisfaction.
  • Employee Engagement: QCC encourages active employee participation, bolstering their sense of belonging and involvement.
  • Problem Resolution: QCC teams effectively tackle existing issues, resulting in fewer defects and errors.
  • Efficiency Improvement: QCC optimizes processes, reducing waste and redundant work, thereby enhancing efficiency.
  • Team Collaboration: Teamwork across different departments fosters collaboration, shattering information silos.


The Applications of QCC

The applications of QCC span across diverse industries, extending well beyond manufacturing. Sectors such as services, healthcare, and education have also embraced QCC methodologies to elevate quality standards. Regardless of an organization's scale or nature, QCC can be adapted and employed to suit specific circumstances.



The Example of QCC Applications

To illustrate the real-world impact of QCC, let's delve into some practical examples:

  1. Automotive Manufacturing
    In an automotive manufacturing facility, QCC teams systematically identified and addressed issues related to product defects, resulting in reduced recalls and higher customer satisfaction.
  2. Healthcare
    Hospitals and healthcare institutions employ QCC to enhance patient care processes, reducing errors, and improving overall healthcare quality.
  3. Education
    In the field of education, QCC is utilized to streamline administrative processes, leading to increased efficiency and improved student experiences.
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QCC: A Global Phenomenon

Quality Control Circles have transcended geographical boundaries and cultural differences to become a global phenomenon. Organizations worldwide recognize the power of QCC in driving continuous improvement and achieving excellence.




In conclusion, Quality Control Circles represent a powerful methodology for organizations seeking to enhance their products, processes, and services. Whether in manufacturing or other industries, the QCC approach consistently delivers on its promise of fostering a culture of quality excellence. The success of QCC lies not only in its technical and process-oriented aspects but also in its ability to empower employees and harness their creativity, ultimately propelling organizations toward sustained quality improvement.

With the ever-increasing focus on quality in today's competitive markets, QCC remains a valuable tool for organizations striving to meet and exceed customer expectations. As the global business landscape continues to evolve, QCC is poised to play an even more significant role in shaping the future of quality management.



Layana's Past QCC Presentations


The 29th QCC Presentation

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The 30th QCC Presentation

line album qcc no.29 2023.07.25 230725 30


The 27th QCC Presentation


The 28th QCC Presentation

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The 25th QCC Presentation


The 26th QCC Presentation

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The 24th QCC Presentation

Time and quality always are the key performance indicators when doing anything. Each work, the past has given us the method and wisdom we have today, follow the steps and through constantly repeated practice to get started as soon as possible to increase working efficiency. 



Quality circle control

The 23th QCC Presentation

“Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.” is one of eight quotes in Layana. Since 2013, our employees solve the difficulties by recording problems during daily work and improving them with an innovative way to reduce as many costs as possible and to raise work efficiency.

Besides, this year, Layana has implemented a goal system which is called Objectives and Key Results (OKR), allowing all the departments connected to make sure the outcomes are towards the target in 2020: achieve three hundred million new Taiwanese dollars revenue. We encourage employees to only do key actions to have productive output.



The 21th QCC Presentation

Quality circle control

The 22th QCC Presentation

Quality circle control


The 19th QCC Presentation

Quality circle control

The 20th QCC Presentation

Quality circle control


The 17th QCC Presentation


The 18th QCC Presentation



The 15th QCC Presentation


The 16th QCC Presentation



layana qcc 14

The 14th QCC Presentation

"Interdepartmental problem-solving" is the key point of the current project. When thinking about the improvement, you should also question yourself by asking, "Why should I do this?” Process variables have always been opponents of competitiveness and profits! In addition to the machine's self-detection, the active detection of personnel is even more important. During the daily production process, it is necessary to observe the situation that may be abnormal. To prevent it, propose solutions to it, meet and exceed customer expectations, is the responsibility of every individual within the organization.


layana qcc 13

The 13rd QCC Presentation

The year of 2017 we named “the efficient year” which means take the shortest time to complete the work, with repeated practice and process optimization to increase working efficiency. This is what people at Layana must learn. We start to try different ways to further improve working efficiency based on our own experience. After being improved, we keep practicing and confirm if the method is feasible. 


layana qcc 12

The 12nd QCC Presentation

Throughout 2016, we have presented total of 230 QCC projects, includes variety of solutions in stamping, injection molding, insert molding, progressive tooling & plastic molding manufactory, progressive stampings, etc.

We are looking forward the coming 2017, Layana will provide the best quality and efficiency products in stamping, injection & insert molding, all kind of electronic components, connectors, fiber optics, etc. 


layana qcc 11

The 11st QCC Presentation

QCC is to improve an enterprise via employees’ cooperation and mutual discussion to find the problems. Problem is the improvement, improvement is the opportunity. Find out and list the problems and solutions furthermore, to enhance what we lack step by step. Combined with marketing and R & D data, through the KPI to guide, inspire employees, what to do this in order to implement the performance management in daily work practicably.


layana qcc 10

The 10th QCC Presentation

Via the seasonally presentation which is participated by all personnel, this year we set our goal as 333 improvement cases.

QCC is to solve the problem detected in work, and offering the chance to test the proposal. If the proposal actually works out, it will be set as a standard and apply to all relevant departments. No improvement proposals are perfect, or solving the problem once and for all. There will always be some shortcomings, and only by finding out the shortcomings, are we able to move forward. Finding the solution to the problems, fully participating in the QCC campaign, enables most of Layana’s employee to be conscious of the importance of their job, and take pride in what they do!


layana qcc 9

The 9th QCC Presentation

Through participating in the QCC presentation activity each season in Layana Taiwan, we exchange ideas and learn from each other. We have motivations to Act Better and gain Inspiration to Do Superior, as well as gain achievements from daily working. Hence, each member of Layana will do our best to complete each mission.


layana qcc 8

The 8th QCC Presentation

By the end of 2015, It has been 265 project recognitions in total (A 60% improvement from last year). By these QCC campaign activities, continuous quality improving practices impel everyone in Layana to build up excellent problem-solving skills, with each project recognition, the team will be rewarded, The more improvement your project makes, the higher rewards will be granted. Also every QCC team has made their best effort in each campaigns, for the goal to upgrade our services into a higher stage. Our general manager appreciates that every team member has devoted a lot of efforts on these activities, and feel greatly proud of everyone’s improvement over these years. The 300 project recognitions will be achieved in no time.


layana qcc 7

The 7th QCC Presentation

In order to enhance the competitiveness of the organization, we need to not only solve the current problem, but also prevent future issues from happening. With the participation of all personnel, the QCC campaign has been elevated to a higher level as the company’s culture. It has turned into a valuable tradition that everyone takes pride in. None of the QCC achievements were made easily. They all fully represented a symbol of people’s endeavor and devotion.


layana qcc 6

The 6th QCC Presentation

Since 2013, colleagues have been forming circles to carry out the QCC activity, and it has been the 6th QCC campaign being held, a TQM activity participated by all personnel. The achievement of the QCC campaign today might not be the best; the presentation skill of some colleagues might not be the most satisfying since it might be their first time on stage, yet these do not affect our pleasantness. We are more than happy to see all of personnel working forward, and devoting themselves wholeheartedly in TQM with the most proactive attitude. This is exactly what we have been anticipating!


layana qcc 5

The 5th QCC Presentation

We hope the resources of the organization could be utilized to the fullest. Only by establishing effective management over works, and communicating properly throughout the team, can the company be able to continually lower the cost and improve the quality. Layana aims to increase the production efficiency, and provide the personnel with a safe, comfortable job, so as to fulfill the value of both individual and the organization, in the hope of attaining double profits as an explicit result.


layana qcc 4

The 4th QCC Presentation

In order to enhance the quality cognition within the employees, and build the atmosphere of self-improvement, the 4th QCC campaign had come to a fair end on October 4th. This time, 8 circles all delivered excellent presentations. Everyone showed the best of them. We would like to give a big round of applause to them this time, and look forward to having more exciting improvement project in the future. The existence of quality control circle is a ongoing activity, in continual pursuit of “improvement and maintenance”!


layana qcc 3

The 3rd QCC Presentation

The execution of QCC has not been confined to merely participation of direct personnel. All employees can team up for improvement. Layana takes the concept of “reforming workplace quality” as a part of our total quality management. Solutions are created by people. Layana encourage our employees to come up with creative solutions when the situation seems like a dead end. Reformation and innovation based on Layana’s knowledge and experiences have enabled our quality control circle to constantly evolve, leading to not only a higher business performance, but also a brighter future.


layana qcc 2

The 2nd QCC Presentation

The purpose of Layana to promote QCC is to encourage employees to detect issues in work and resolve them. It is also to strengthen employees’ personal recognition to their job, improve production process issue via quality control circle, and enhance the teamwork concept in the company, reaching the goal of quality optimization. This QCC campaign included seven circles, all of these Layana employees demonstrated their hardworking attitude and spirits in this process. With this we can assure our customers with great confidence that our products and services are definitely trustworthy.


layana qcc 1

The 1st QCC Presentation

At the starting phase of introducing QCC to Layana in 2013, we uphold the concept of practical implementation. Establishing seed circles as the foundation, and starting from the easy to the hard, we plan on gradually reaching the goal of full participation, total quality management, and comprehensive improvement. During the process of QCC, we have been detecting issues, analyzing causes, improving situations, and standardizing the best solutions. Layana make sure that all personnel are used to complying with SOP and manage the field via systemized management, so as to have the cognition of “quality being the top priority” recognized by everyone, and make the daily workplace as the focus of quality management.



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