Progressive Metal Stampings

   Progressive metal stamping is one type of metalworking which involves punching, coining, bending and many other techniques that modifies metal components and raw materials of metal stampings combined with automatic feeding system. The feeding system is helpful in pushing the metal stamping from a coil. It then passes through various stations of the progressive metal stamping die. In each of these stages, the metal stamping undergoes one or more operation that is required to obtain the final product. At the final stage, the finished parts get cut off and get ejected.

At first, the metal stamping die is placed over the reciprocating metal stamping press. The press then moves up and the top die moves in synchronization with it. This action allows the material to reach in. As the press then moves down, the die gets closed and the stamping operation is carried out. With each one of the press’ stroke, the completed part of die of stamping on metal gets removed from the die.

It is necessary to ensure precise placement of the strip so that it does not get misplaced in any way during its course of travel from one station to the other. This however cannot be provided by the feeding mechanism and hence, ‘pilots’ are used for proper placement of strips. These pilots can either conical or bullet-like in shape.

Here, we have diverse range of capabilities in metal production. This ranges from gauge to other high-strength components. We are readily equipped and prepared to handle any production volume demanded from our clients. You can send in the drawing samples to us and we would send our quote for custom metal stamping services accordingly.

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stamping dies

Metal Forming/Metal Stamping Process/Custom metal


LAYANA specializes in the stamping of tight-tolerance, close-pitch, high-precision and light-gauge metal components. In providing precision metal stampings, we maintain a robust internal tooling capability to assure all of our progressive stamping tools exceed customer requirements. For progressive tooling design, we employ top-of-the-line CAD packages.

Our facility has surface grinding, programmable CNC centers, sinker EDM and wire cutting EDM technologies, in house to support our precision metal stamping operations. Our stamping operations utilize leading precision metal stamping presses with sizes ranging from 5 tons - 200 tons. Materials used in the precision metal stamping process include Beryllium Copper, Phosphorous Bronze, Stainless Steel & Copper and Cold Rolled Steel with thickness ranging from 0.002" to 0.180". As a result, LAYANA has the capability to provide metal stamping services and products for a wide variety of industries In addition to metal stamping, we have integrated a number of complimentary precision metal forming and metal joining processes such as in-die welding and in-die tapping and riveting into the stamping operations to reduce costs in certain applications.

Precision Metal Stamping Services

Our operations support a wide array of precision metal stamping services for a wide variety of industries. These metal stamping services include:

  • Automotive parts stamping
  • Medical stamping
  • Precision metal stamping for mobile devices
  • Stamped and drawn shields for industrial and electronics industries
  • Bandolier metal stamping
  • Bandolier wire metal stamping
  • Header pins metal stamping
  • Contact pins metal stamping
  • Terminals metal stamping
  • Sleeved terminals metal stamping
  • Reel to reel metal stamping
  • Precision metal stamping
  • Precision miniature metal stamping
  • High speed metal stamping
  • Micro metal stamping
  • Stainless steel metal stamping
  • Precision metal stamping for Medical

Precision Metal Stamping Materials

These precision metal stamping services can be completed using a variety of metals. A few of these include:

  • Aluminum
  • Beryllium
  • Brass
  • Bronze
  • Cold Rolled Steel
  • Copper
  • Mylar
  • Phenolic
  • Stainless Steel
  • Teflon
  • Titanium and more!
Stamping Parts
Stamping Parts
Stamping Parts

Stamping Parts
Stamping Parts
Stamping Parts

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Insert Molding

Custom plastic insert molded plastics

Layana Plastics is a custom insert molder with expertise in custom insert molding and custom insert molded plastics

Layana Plastics has many years of experience as a custom plastic insert molder.

Plastic injection insert molding is a plastic injection molding process in which thermoplastic material is molded around an insert piece or pieces placed in the plastic injection molding cavity, resulting in a single strongly bonded, integrated assembly, with the insert or inserts encapsulated by the plastic. Inserts can be metal, another plastic, ceramic or just about any substance that can withstand the plastic injection molding process.

Some of the first insert molding applications were for placing threaded inserts into molded parts and encapsulating wire plug connections on electrical cords. Current custom insert molding applications are wide ranging with few limitations on material combinations, including:

  • Medical devices and instruments, such as needle hubs and tube valves
  • Knobs for appliances, controls and assemblies
  • Encapsulated electronic devices and electrical components
  • Military equipment
  • Threaded fasteners
  • Encapsulated bushings, tubes, studs, and posted

Plastic injection insert molding is an effective alternative to assemblies manufactured using soldering, adhesives or fasteners, with benefits including:

  • Reduced assembly and labor costs
    Molded as one assembly
  • Reduced size and weight
    Insert molding allows for reduction of part size and weight because parts are joined with strong, light weight plastic resin and fasters or connectors are eliminated.
  • Improved component reliability
    Insert molding of components ensures proper alignment, prevents loosening and the plastic resin can provide improved resistance to vibration and shock
  • Improved part strength and structure
    Insert molding combines the physical strength of the plastic resin and insert to produce one seamless plastic part
  • Enhanced design flexibility
    Custom plastic insert molding allows for almost unlimited configurations and material combinations
  • Consolidation of components
    Insert molded components enable part and inventory cost reductions

Another application of the plastic injection insert molding technology is in-mold decorating and in-mold labeling, in which decorated or printed film is inserted into the mold cavity and the plastic resin injected against the film, resulting in a labeled or decorated part that is durable and cost effective.

Proper mold design and construction are critically important in insert molding to maintain part tolerances and tooling reliability. Layana Plastics often employs automation in the insert molding process for fast and precise placement of inserts.

From concept to delivery, learn more about the competitive advantage Layana Plastics provides OEMs with custom plastic injection molding and insert molding, through early supplier involvement in the design and engineering phase, design for manufacturability, project management, in house mold building, material selection support and via our global locations.

Contact Layana Plastics today to start a conversation about your custom insert molded plastic needs, or to review your current components and assemblies to see if custom insert molding can give you a competitive advantage!

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